The Legend of Mr. Adam and concrete dragon which has many heads:

In Krakow, in the proximity of the pre-war villa of Adam, unfolds a view over an apocalyptic landscape. On the one hand, the landscape is dominated by tall chimneys of the coal-fired Łęg Power Station, on the other hand, by gentle ridges of debris and a yard used for demolition of demolished houses, in which metal building structures are separated from concrete parts.

In the 70s in Krakow, at the outset of the Łęg Power Station construction works, Mr. Adam was offered compensation for vacating the area, but he decided to stay in the family home.

Once an electronics technician, he repaired broken home appliances. Furthermore, Mr. Adam used to keep greenhouses and breed animals. Food surplus was for sale.

But the Power Plant sucked an underwater reservoir, above which the house of Mr. Adam used to stand. Dilatation in the building resulted in the house falling apart.

Zinc precipitation and environment degradation made it impossible to continue farming activities.

But this did not happen suddenly. It took a long time.

Mr. Adam has not left the house, but continues to live in it with a dog. He gets by collecting scrap metal, and food leftovers found in the nearby dumpsters. His wife and children moved away from him several years ago.

Mr. Adam’s attachment to his native place was so strong that he failed to see how the environment has changed his life and absorbed everything he had, and pushed him to the margins of society. Along with all his possessions Mr. Adam became part of the apocalyptic landscape. He conformed to the environment in which he lives. And with it he degraded.