No risk, No fun


An important day in Wroclaw no risk no fun! How much bad deeds do you have to do to become an adult …? Maybe that’s what I missed !! I am now in Wrocław – for the second time in my life. The first time I was in elementary school on a trip in the fourth class. I got 50 zlotys from my pocket money. In those days it was possible to bring a lot of cheap souvenirs for PLN 50. And that was my goal – then! But I was unlucky.At the very beginning of the trip I was given a ticket for taking a photo of Panorama Racławicka. The educator ordered to pay the penalty immediately.The mandate amounted to 50 PLN. I was left without money, without souvenirs and sadly left Wrocław. Fortunately, I did not draw any conclusions from my prank. That’s why I am here now, and today I have an exhibition of my photographs at the Contemporary Museum in Wroclaw! I invite 1001 bad deeds no risk no photo! Opening of the exhibition on May 14. The exhibition can be viewed from May 14 to July 4, 2016